The UK’s James Cox was recently out here in California filming for the United video, so I decided to throw some questions his way about his trip.

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James, Hows things?
Hey, i’m not so bad – feeling the combination of jetlag and the annual Christmas downer, but otherwise fine!

You were recently out here in California, what brought you out this way?
I was out there filming Corey and Nathan for a new United DVD for ten days or so, then I stuck around for the S&M video premiere in Santa Ana.

Was it your first time out? If so, how was your experience?
It wasn’t the first time I’d been to Cali, but it’s the longest I’ve spent here. The time before I was out here with Kye and Leo Forte, filming for the same video, but we didn’t stay here so long before moving on, so this time I’ve had much more of a taste of what this state is really like.

What major differences can you point out between the UK and the USA?
Wow, there’s so many…I think the main ones are that people are friendlier. The weather is so much better, and there’s so much more good stuff to ride out there. BMX seems a lot bigger out there also. One of my favourite things is all the junk food that is so readily available in this country – I miss that already.

I know you ran into a bit of rain, which I’m sure you didn’t expect. Did that ball things up at all?
Fortunately by the time the rain came in, Corey and Nathan were pretty much at the end of their trip, so we just about pulled it off.

Were you able to get any riding in yourself?
Here and there I managed to get on my bike a bit – Riding wasn’t really a priority for me this time so I was grateful to have had the opportunities to ride few occasions that I did. I rode some really good ledges on Huntington Beach, a few concrete parks, a couple of flat banks – Nothing major!

Did you get enough footage of Corey and Nathan to make your trip worthwhile? I know those guys never disappoint.
Totally yeah, both those guys are pretty much footage machines, I got a lot of stuff that I’m really happy with. Whenever we go filming, they always get the job done!

Did you guys have spots already in mind?
We had a lot of help from Dakota, Eric, E-Man, Boy and a few other locals so we didn’t end up spending much time just searching for random spots, most of the time we’d have a rough plan of what was going to go down each day.

What is the deal with the United video? Are you in charge of the whole project? What info can you divulge at this time?
Well it’s early stages right now but the ball is definitely rolling, and myself, Ian, Dean and all the team guys are all really excited about the filming that’s going to be going on for the coming year. I’ll be filming and editing the whole project, so there pressure is on! That’s all I’m going to divulge for now, but we have a few ideas regarding the video that should make it worth waiting for.

That edit you cooked up from the DVS ramps came out real good. Was that thrown out there just for promotion, or will there be some footage from those ramps in the video?
We just threw that DVS skatepark session video out there for fun really, it was a fun little session to film – It was so cool to get the chance to go there so I felt that it was more that worthy of a quick edit!

Channel 4Down BMX :: Corey & Nathan Evening Session from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

What equipment did you bring over for filming duties?
My camera bag is getting more and more overloaded as time goes on…On this trip I was using the following equipment:
1x Panasonic HVX200 camera
1x lens bastardized century lens
1x Glidecam 4000
1x Manfrotto video tripod
1x DV Caddie Dolly & spare tripod head
1x set of lights and batteries
1x Sennheiser wireless mic and transmitter kit
1x Macbook / external drive for the daily capturing
1x bad back!

Any standout moments from the trip?
Some really fun sessions went down at the Frost school, Dak’s school and a few random rails we rolled up at, I don’t want to give away what went down but I was really psyched with what happened at those spots. Other than that, I saw some pretty heated Wii Tennis games go down between Corey and Nathan at Ryan Fudger’s house, and I got to ride Santa Ana banks with Taj, which was pretty fucking cool…The whole trip was really fun in fact, I’m already looking forward to coming back out.

Any standout moments from the S&M party?
The party was really good all round, I enjoyed trying – and failing, to keep up with the S&M teams’ all night drinking binge, meeting a bunch of people I’ve always wanted to meet at S&M, and of course watching the video on the big screen. Those guys can definitely throw a great party… I paid the price the next day though with the mother of all hangovers – I was good for nothing.

Whats next?
2009 is already looking pretty busy for me as far as filming for the United DVD goes, seems that I’m going to be all over the place! In between filming for that, I’ll still be working on releasing the Channel Four Down web videos, so I’m looking forward to getting going with everything.

Anything in the works with Retribution?
Well there’s no new videos out since RTRBTN 2.5, but there are three new T-Shirts set to go to print that I’m pretty excited about, Carhartt are helping me out with it all which is rad. When it all comes in I guess you’ll see it on the RTRBTN site, or over at Attila or 4Down or something…I’m just hoping someone out there is still into it all and that I manage to sell one or two.

Thanks James, Anything you would like to add before we wrap this?
Well first and foremost I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made us welcome in Cali, Ryan Fudger, his girlfriend and Ben Ward for letting us take over their front room for ten days, Mark at DVS, Ian and Dean for making all of this happen for me, Robbie Morales, Chris Moeller and all the S&M guys! Apart from that I think we’re done here, cheers Nuno!

Pic by Ian Morris

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  1. Mark says:

    James is a rad dude! Hope the new RTRBTN stuff comes out soon, my old RTRBTN T’s looking pretty haggard these days…

  2. Ryan F says:

    Your creamed corn is anxiously waiting your return.

  3. Awesome little read. Wii sessions are always a good time.

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    amazing camera handling. cheers

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