Mercedes-Benz Design History


Keeping on the subject of the world’s first, and baddest, automaker… a few weeks ago Selectism posted this short and sweet summary of Mercedes-Benz design history from Wallpaper* by Jonathan Bell. The article is great but the photos are even better.


“Mercedes’ key reputation rests on its saloon cars, traditionally deemed to hide over-engineered excellence beneath sober surfaces and straitlaced proportions.” An excellent philosophy applicable to almost everything in life, in my opion.

View it here.

4 responses to “Mercedes-Benz Design History”

  1. Harrison says:

    That is so good! Murdered out in 1938…

  2. Ardelean says:

    Yeah it reminds me of one of those dope half-animated cars in Sin City. Not sure why chrome ever became so acceptable but I’m glad it’s starting to go away.

  3. It’s hard to believe that the Chevy Bel Air and Mercedes 300SL were on showroom floors at the same time.

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