Kevin Kiraly + Justin Kosman = Good

Justin Kosman hooked up with Kevin Kiraly in San Diego and put together a pretty rad little edit. Good music, rad dudes, and good stunts. Check it out after the jump.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

26 responses to “Kevin Kiraly + Justin Kosman = Good”

  1. jo moma says:

    Kevin is really good. Only I wish’d he’d film something more original than the same shit everyone else is doing.

    But a very nice video just the same.

  2. ohio (tom) says:

    Yeah man because everyone is doing ice pick to nose manual to barspin. Got to love good filming, good editing, and good riding all coming together.

  3. kosman says:

    Thanks HB-
    Kev put in some work that afternoon before driving 7 hours back up to Norcal.
    I think he is coming down to SD for a few weeks in Jan. more good to come.

  4. WAMPWAMP says:

    Yeah Kevin. This made me forget for a second what a terror he can be in the park. All around ruler. The 4 hour premise is dope too. I can see more shit like this popping up, which puts everything a rider does in a different “in the crunch” context. Even if it is the same ice to nose manual to bars shit “everyone’s” doing. Whatever dude, that shit’s bananas.

  5. Drew K says:

    Uggh. Am I the only one tired of all the barspins these days?

  6. ooti says:

    great edit.

  7. Andrew says:

    i like web edits like this, not video parts online, but special little incidents that happen, like this dude going nuts for four hours.

  8. dubb says:

    what kind of camera was this filmed with?

  9. Kosman puttin in that work and makin those Gs, Kiraly shreds!!

  10. chris hersey says:

    hey jo mamma

    why so negative? same shit? you can do all the same things he did in that video? no need to hate in a community as small as bmx.
    Good edit. good riding. I wish I had good weather.

  11. chris says:

    i’ve never seen kevin fall before in my life until this web vid..who would have thought?

  12. […] edits coming out of Estonia from Simpel Session 2010. Will Stroud threw together this quick edit of Kevin Kiraly at practice today and judging from the clips, you know the contest is going to be […]

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