Jim Bauer hooked up a bunch of random iPhone pics. Check them out below.

Hard to see, but this is a dog on a treadmill. At first I was pissed, mad someone had tied their dog to a treadmill. I then realized the dog was running on it’s own free will. No leash, no rope. It just wanted to get in shape. Venice, CA.

Fudger in the desert.

Most Viewed on my Iphone. Cupcakes my Fiancee’ made. White Chocolate “butter”, crushed sprinkles “pepper” and Jellybean “corn”.

LIRR. Anyone can take a photo of train tracks and make it look good. They are just cool.

Found in an old shooting range in Wisconsin. I was there to shoot shotguns.

Weird and Awesome art show in NYC. Many severed heads with various diseases and haircuts.

Metal, San Fran style. Or is it San Fran, Metal style?

I shoot lots of cars. It was hard to pick just one. Ventura Airport runway.

Sandy Carson has become a giant! Lookout!

Lynwood Trails, Seattle. Model: Sharon Walsh.

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    Kickass photos for sure. Congrats for the newly engaged Bauerman 5000

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