Commercial by Build


Graphic designer Michal C. Place of Build is featured in this pretty rad commercial for some white out pens… As I was watching this, I was just picturing how cool it would be to have a huge warehouse space like that… I was also thinking how weird it was he was using whiteout pens… I had no idea what the video was for, but once it ended it all made sense… The website is pretty bad, but the video is dope. Via: Surfstation

Click here to check out the video.

5 responses to “Commercial by Build”

  1. Martin says:

    what is the song used??

  2. really says:

    Maybe they could’ve put that production team to good use and had them build a proper street course in that warehouse and shot a nice little BMX movie in stead of a fat grown man drawing little birdies with whiteout pens.

  3. Andrew says:

    oooh, salty bmxer obsessed with bmx! more things to live brah!

  4. really says:

    if by more things to life you mean enjoying fat male adults making sucky infantile drawings in overproduced commercials for useless products I’d rather go ride, yes.

  5. Jannie says:

    A monetary advisor is your planning accomplice.