Best of 2008 – Part 1


To round up 2008, we hit up a bunch of our friends and asked them a simple question: Send us us one good thing that stands out from the past twelve months. Thinking back on 2008, it probably won’t be remembered as the best year, but rather than focusing on the negative, we wanted to keep it positive, so check out what everyone had to say! Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in and check back soon for part 2 and possibly part 3! Also, fell free to add your favorite thing of 2008 in the comments!


Mike Dytri – Ludwig Clothing
Hosting the Miles Davis “Kind Of Blue” 50th year anniversary at the KIMSING Theater, hosted by Ludwig!


Rich Hirsch – Lotek Shoes
Levis 511 jeans I wore them nearly every day of 2008 and I don’t even think Levi’s is cool at all so they must be all right.


Ben Ward – Odyssey BMX
This is a photo I took at the OS BMX Show this past summer of Woody Itson’s Gold Hutch.  It has been a great year meeting all of the people I looked up to when I was a kid.  It has been even better watching them all catch the bug and return to a life behind bars.  New riders, veteran riders, young riders, or old riders, it hasn’t mattered this year.  The generations have come together and it is inspiring to know that I too can still have this kind of passion in my future life beyond the year I have often called 2KGR8.


Jim Bauer – Odyssey BMX
I got engaged. That’s gotta be the winner for me. Here is the cover of the book ( I used in the proposal.


Alistair Whitton – Pro dude
The MacNeil team traveled from England to France. When we arrived in France we were issued this Fiat as our vehicle. It held up the punishment we gave it. Massive burnouts, huge handbrake skids, 5bikes, 5 people. And able to park in tight spaces. Good times!


Jay Miron – MacNeil Bikes
2008 is all about Obama, Obama, Obama. And W getting the shoe thrown at him, Fucker.


Tom Willams – Empire
5 episodes of Mike Carroll on VBS.


Jeff Z – Ride BMX
Call me biased if you want to, but I think the Ride video Insight is one my favorite things from 2008. I think Ryan Navazio did a terrific job with the filming, editing, and music choices. And I think all of the riding is top-notch throughout and the choice of riders was perfect for that time period.


Harookz – Photographer
That’s easy: iPhone and Obama 😉  I guess that was 2 things…


Justin Kosman – Photographer
Naples, Italy. Drinking wine in a legit vineyard where the grapes were grown and meeting the three generations of the family who lived at the ranch/property. I felt like I was in an Olive Garden commercial.  It was pretty surreal. I haven’t had such good wine since then, and believe me I’ve been searching. Also, making new friends in San Diego.


Brian Foster – Legend
The nac nac has made a return after over 15 yrs of going underground. How glorious.


Jackson Ratima – Pro dude
In 2008, (from what I remember) I went on a few small trips and rode some cool shit. I went to Eddies new spot in LA, held down machado, kicked it with Dirt a lot, went  to a Niners game with a few homies, and Animal Chin. Overall best thing of 2008 was kickin it with the real homies who keep it lit. Pic by Cubby


Risto Kalmre – Designer/Simpel Sessions
For me it would be my trip to New York. Had a rad time over there.


Colin McKay – Pro dude
The Corey Nastazio interviews


Dean Hearne – United Bikes
The highlights for me was getting married, and then spending 5 days in NY for the honey moon. It was a toss up between that and the 3 weeks in Australia at the beginning of the year on the United Down Under tour!




Vinnie Sammon – Skavenger
Here’s a few of my ‘gems’. I purchased a point and shoot earlier this year  (Panasonic Lumix)… I have no idea about lighting, framing, etc.  I just enjoy shooting pics of my friends, abandoned buildings, graffiti, and life in my neighborhood with the auto setting… 1st is Jersey City, NJ and Loser is a cool ass dude and one of NJs best. 2nds in Newark, NJ.. believe the hype.. Newark is crazy. 3rd is  Ratkid killing some weird tranny wall in B.K. from earlier this year… Seriously one of the coldest days ever with vicious wind…


Steve Crandall – FBM
8. Meeting Cru Jones.
7. Riding dirt jumps still after all these years….
6. Gypsy caravan tour
5. Ghetto high air
4. Lelands hot dog eating contest at the Ghetto Jam
3. Meeting Bob Haro
2. Kelly Baker in general.
1. Obama winning the election

23 responses to “Best of 2008 – Part 1”

  1. Drew K says:

    The Dead Bang video and Obama winning the election.

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  3. sam stanfield says:

    1) colorado bmx scene and leif valin 2) eating shit at 30mph into oncoming traffic almost dying and getting my bike run over 3) anybody not playing all the standard ledge/rail tricks and still just jumping shit to have fun

  4. alex says:


  5. bruce says:

    the push on going green

  6. clickedbmx says:

    april 19th, 2008 Elliot Michael Hines was born, my son. Best day ever.

  7. dan says:

    i cant believe people think the obama thing will actually be any different…he’s already employing some of the people he ran against. he is there to make sure things stay the same whilst giving the naive hope for a year or 2.

  8. just a note says:

    different is sometimes as simple as a symbol for change…. he read team of rivals too, that why he hires his opponents… plus they cant run against him if they work for him… job security.

  9. dan says:

    why would you employ people who are supposedly your political enemy-exactly. they are all the same you have no choice=the same.

  10. smoovebert says:

    these are great–b dubbs hit the nail on the head.

  11. Andrew says:

    getting the opportunity to redesign one of the sites i looked up to when i was younger,!

  12. Andrew says:

    also, getting my local crew pumped on filming again and producing enough footage for four rad videos.

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  15. doesnt matter says:

    Its not Brian Foster doing the nac nac, its Mike Aitken…

  16. branden says:

    that spot is actually far rockaway queens vinne.
    merry xmas vin

    fat branden from Long island

  17. vinnie says:

    i know where it is…i just dont think the world should

  18. Dave says:

    Detroit-style Coney Island hot dogs FTW!

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