Like a lot of cycling obsessed people I know when I first moved to London I worked in a bike shop for a few years.  Some of the perks are obvious; access to tools and cheap parts but I also met a lot of interesting people over my three year stint one of whom, Guy Andrews, is now editor of Rouleur Magazine.  Their second photographic exhibition starts in London next weekend.

I know Mike A will be into this as he mentioned Rouleur in the last issue of Dig but if anyone’s in London between next weekend and Christmas I’d urge them to come and have a look at the Exhibition.  Now up to issue 10 Rouleur really is a phenomenon with copies of issue one breaking £100 on ebay .  The standard of the photography is incredible and this show features work by Ben Ingham, Gerard Brown, Olaf Unverzart and Timm Kolln amongst others.

All the information about the exhibition can be found here