Kanye Day

Kanye’s new album just dropped and I’m listing to it right now for the first time. I was also browsing the Fader and they have just posed the full interview with Kanye that is out in their current issue. I’m definitely psyched to listen to the album a few times and although I just downloaded it, I will walk my sorry ass to the record store and pick up the Kaws version of his album when it comes out on December 16th.

Check out Kayne’s Fader interview here and let’s hear what you think about the new album.

16 responses to “Kanye Day”

  1. Alex says:

    I honestly think its shit, Im not against change, but the voice synth is hack and annoying and the beats are weak. Very disappointing production effort from Kanye. Voice synth is killing hip hop…So mediocre…But i guess what else do you expect when Lil Wayne’s album can be the number one in the world.

  2. awon says:

    he needs to calm down on the auto tone. it isnt anything special!

  3. choko says:

    i def agree with the comments on auto-tune, but i think the bigger issue is that kanye cant sing and auto-tune cannot fix that. the other thing is sometimes i just feel songs are way too lo-fi for him, he never lets the beat come in with a bang at some point, never lets the tune evolve .. just auto-tune over 808 over and over.
    i sincerely hope he gets back into doing what he does best (at some point), although i know he really digs this … new trend (i mean the whole ‘love lockdown’ uber-approach shot with going through at least three different version based on fans’ criticism and whatnot) and i am pretty sure he’s not giving it up that easily. he’s a really nice guy who is pretty well versed in various artistic dimensions (pretty pompous sorry); he strives for perfection, i know that, and i am pretty sure right now he is in a phase where he feels hip-hop is a somewhat shallow ground (i mean he said it himself somewhere recently).
    but once again i really hope that he transforms his egocentricity into constructive criticism.

  4. JoshClancy says:

    This is a fucking good album. Love how he kept the background noises in. Paranoid? WTF this tune is HUGE. You hear that girl laugh at the beginning, he smiles, and then delivers.

    I’ve played love lockdown out and it pops at top 40 nights, it pops at hip hop nights, it pops at hipster dance parties, and it even pops at house nights. This is a very accessible album for all types of people and flavors. That’s exactly what he wanted (he said it himself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXZ2nA58CqQ)

    Kanye can no longer really be pin holed into one music genre if he ever was.

    He’s a smart producer in the fact that he made a dance album a year too late but he redeemed himself by doing it lo-fi. He is constantly doing something new and raising the bar with his albums and releases.
    That’s why everyone is so critical of him right now and will be for some weeks to come.

    He understands the state of the music industry and the relevance of pop culture… that my friends is why this dude’s album is number one in the charts right now.

    Again this album fucking rules.

  5. JoshClancy says:

    Oh yeah, to quote from the Fader interview… this sums up most of what I was saying:

    “West has become the world’s first interactive pop star. He is breaking down the barrier between himself and the rest of us, and as a result, we feel like we’re a part of his life and art.”

  6. Nuno says:

    I haven’t heard it yet, but im definitely down with the “BAN THE AUTO-TUNE” movement.

    I actually consider Kanye unique among his peers, but using so much of that auto-tune shit like everyone else seems a bit off for him.

  7. bdubbs says:

    My first run through was a big let down. There were some things I liked and way more I didn’t. Maybe it will get better, but I have a feeling it wont. This just isn’t my type of thing and that is a big let down for me since I have spent a lot of time having dudes back.

  8. jacob says:

    I think his new album is horrible. It is completely different from his other albums, which I was and still am into. I strongly dislike the whole voice synth thing and how it is becoming so popular. All the songs sounded the same to me because of said synth and the lack of nice beats like he had in the other three albums.
    He definitely could have done better.

  9. joeld says:

    wow kanye sucks cmon what is this coming to? lets bite cher and use a vocoder lol!! harrison, im dissapointed :p

  10. sfhbFbh says:

    he dresses like an beverly hills housewife crossed with a 5 year old asian kid. from that interview it sounds like he is really into the whole andy warhol empty pop culture thing… except andy played up the emptiness and kind of acknowledged the vacuity of what he was doing. there was some sort of thought behind it. kanye is just completely ignorant

  11. robin says:

    kanye is fucking terrible. always has been always will be

  12. caught the very last concert of the world tour on Sunday night, in Brisbane Australia. Absolutely awesome.

    He spoke alot about making stadium music, not hip hop. Jesus walks still brought the house down.

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