Impressive evening.

26 responses to “HISTORY”

  1. Andy says:

    Amazing. It must feel good to be an American today.

  2. the patriot says:

    most americans feel good about being an american every day

  3. jenxyboy says:

    Hey, for once, America has used some inteligence and not voted for a war-mongering, facist dictator, who only wanted to follow in the steps of “Dubya”, and cause the world more grief. Congrats to Obama

  4. Ed says:

    Barack Obama – a defgrip original?

  5. Justneil says:

    A great day indeed. Proud to be human today.

  6. Andrew says:

    so great, i kind of regret not going to the rally but its all good…conservative christians are shitting their pants right now, i love it!

  7. Johnny says:

    “most americans feel good about being an american every day”

    Yeah, that’s kinda been the problem for the last 8 years. Us Americans should have had our heads down in embarrassment with what our crooked regime has been up to.

    I wonder if George W can smell the war crimes charges coming? Will daddy get him out of it again? I’m really impressed that America was able to pull up our socks, look around, and see that the Republican party is pure poison. Are the Democrats better? Not really, but, and I hate to say it, but are the lesser of the evils.

    I hope Obama can live up to it – but it will be an very uphill battle. George Bush sold the country out from underneath our very feet, borrowing 500 billion dollars from the Chinese to fund his wars. How much other money has Bush stolen? There’s going to be lots of discoveries over the next two years as the new government starts sorting out this mess.

  8. Chris says:

    It’s not very often that you can go to sleep and wake up to find the world is genuinely a better place.

  9. chris says:

    Barack Obama making HISTORY. the coverage was so cool, made my vote count…BUSH needed to go for sure! PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!

  10. jason- says:

    Obama, Complete professional. Quite happy to see the change.

  11. WAMPWAMP says:

    Obama – so on point and never studders. Finally. Proud to be an American indeed.
    Yes, lets get that ObamaXdefgrip original interview so we can hear about “going to LA, getting, you know, some sushi, and maybe some other things.” Nastazio for the next president? the future’s lookin bright!

  12. Red says:

    “…conservative christians are shitting their pants right now, i love it!”

    Yeah, but a lot of them here in CA aren’t. Prop 8 looks like it’ll pass. Even if you’re a homophobe and/or you actually believe in this “restoring marriage” bullshit, the prop was passed due to disinfo. The people behind it know damn well what they did was wrong, (yet not illegal) aligning this issue with this ridiculous notion that gay marriage is somehow going to affect children. What a crock. If you’re opposed to something, act like a man and deal with it straight out, on factual terms. Don’t be a coward and hide behind disinformation.

    Awesome that Obama won, it’s just too bad that prop. 8 passed.

  13. dave says:

    the united states of america fucked itself last night by electing obama

    goodbye america

  14. tito says:

    dave is the only one that is thinking on here. we’re all screwed

  15. Red says:

    We’re screwed? Explain how. I’m sick of seeing people whine about how “screwed we are if Obama gets the presidency”. We were screwed silly under the Bush regime and all the loyal republicons didn’t seem to mind getting fucked. Explain how we’re screwed. And don’t just say, “He’s gonna raise taxes.” That doesn’t cut it as a reason.

  16. Nick says:

    Prop is ridiculous I can’t believe that shit passed. Marriage is the most ridiculous concept. The fact that people think it’s some sacred American thing is completely kooked. Half of them shits end in failure.

  17. Matt says:

    I agree with the Prop 8 stuff and cannot believe people are so close minded in this day and age..Its discrimination and utter bullshit. While we’re at it, lets just bring back slavery and woman’s suffrage. Who cares about peoples rights?

  18. Drew K says:

    Its deff a shame that prop 8 passed. Marriage means little to nothing in this country of reality shows about marring a millionare and nearly half of all recent marrages ending in divorse. A same sex couple can raise a child just as good as a man and a woman. Christians need to stop enforcing THIER belifs on EVERYONE else. Its compromising the rights of gay couples and anyone that dissagrees is lying to themselfs. Whatever. Obama won. Im proud to be an American, and just generally proud to be alive to see this and everyone in the world should be proud because this is going to reign in a new era. I envision a very bright future for America and the rest of the world.

  19. Drew K says:

    Oh. And I completely agree with Red’s second comment.

  20. OBAMA08′

    I mean think about it, its ironic a “bmxer” would not vote for Obama.. I mean, one reason why Mike Aitken is voting for Obama is: HEALTH CARE!! its amazing people don’t understand just that aspect, haha it boggles my mind. If your someone doing shit that can get you hurt, don’t be a racist MX’er and make a smart choice, vote obama way hha..

    PS. not all mx’ers are racist, but a real good number are, especially here in AZ.

  21. Jake Thacker says:

    I went to the rally in Cleveland…Utterly amazing. Congrats Barack!

  22. Nick says:

    all i see is a white shirt….

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