Cory Nastazio Part 3

As soon as we came up with the idea to do these interviews, Cory Nastazio was on the top of my list. After trying to meet up a few different times, we got together with Cory in his hotel room in Portland this past September. It was a few hours after Dew Tour dirt finals where he killed it and placed second, his best placing at a contest all year.

Cory Nastazio is like no one I’ve ever met. He is extremely eccentric and has so much energy, that no matter what the situation is, if Cory’s in the room, everyone’s eyes are on him. Cory has been through more in his life than most people can imagine and has the stories to back it up. He’s been one of my favorite bike riders since I started riding and I was extremely excited to be able to interview Cory for Defgrip. In the span of two hours, we got more footage than we knew what to do with and we hope this gives you an insight into Cory Nastazio’s life.

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by

86 responses to “Cory Nastazio Part 3”

  1. J says:

    In my first couple comments, I was pissed off and looking to stir things up a bit, just as Defgrip was by releasing this interview. Taking someone who is obviously, uh, “outspoken”, letting them down a bit of alcohol and throwing a camera in their face. It’s not too hard to embarrass someone with that formula. Put it in a nice artsy packaging and you don’t even have to feel bad about doing it. I’m sure he was treated nicely to his face but you set the guy up for public ridicule and you knew it by releasing this part 3. Why not have a discussion with the guy, camera off, to try to sway his opinion when he starts spouting off.

    The whole “use” thing was wrong. As was the stereotyping of designers. I know for a fact the gays can hold a post such as doctor and make a valid contribution. But their sexual orientation doesn’t do much to help society, so why is it pushed into the public and held up as honorable. Look, maybe the benefits of tolerance outweigh the negative aspects of homosexuality. But you can’t argue with the anatomical facts. Now, about gays having children through surrogates and other methods. This undermines a beautiful part of nature. That’s the unexplainable bond you feel with your partner and the coming together of your DNA. Now your child is half you, half some other person, you probably didn’t even love. It is not fair to that child to not have that genetic bond with both “parents” and honestly its just selfish on the part of the homosexuals to care more about their own “rights” to be parents than about the child they are bringing into world as a freak, who truly cannot say that they were the product of attraction and love and passion. It’s a lot harder to leave a child or not look out their best interest when you know they are truly a part of you.

    I don’t think Michael Jackson is gay. He is fucked up though. I’d say he was one of those weirdo kids that could have been pushed either way by his peers or society. Those are the kids I worry about, growing up in a world so accepting of sexual backwardness.

  2. Mexican John says:

    Nasty came across cool on the first 2 parts of this interview but he just looks like a total cock on this one.

  3. J says:

    “The world is getting more tolerant, diverse and accepting of other cultures and thought processes that were once to exotic for mass acceptance. Get on board Cory!!!”

    You are right, and this is generally a good thing that needs to happen. Now that the barriers of geography are being broken down by technology. The whole reason we have such diversity in the world is that we grew up on separate continents. The grand scale mixing of cultures is a relatively new phenomenon. A couple hundred years is really not so long. We are still bickering (war) over our bedtime stories we made up to explain the mysteries of life (religion). We need the races to mix. We need religions to mix. But we need to take religion for what it is, just symbolic stories. We need to take the good bits from each. On this front, tolerance will be helpful to our progress as a planet. But I’m not a fan of blind tolerance, just like “faith” is dangerous. I see too much blind tolerance and support of homosexuality. Let’s look at homosexuality for what it is. Is it really something we should put on a pedestal? I am truly interested to hear opposing arguments on this.

  4. J says:

    Come on guys, like the smartass lesbian on NBC says, “can someone please talk me down?!”

  5. chris says:

    equality is not a pedestal.

  6. J says:

    Equality is a real easy term to shout and put on bumper stickers, but what do you really mean by it? Is there any substance there or just a slogan? How far do you wanna take it? You wanna equal rights to bringing children into the world? See the above comment about that. One reason homosexuals feel so persecuted is there biggest oppressor is the universe itself. You can fight for legislation your whole life but in the end you’ll still be butting heads with mother nature.

  7. J says:

    (please somebody start talking about penguins)

  8. Jara says:

    I am so much stoked on Defgrip lately. Super exclusive content, intelligent approach to BMX and life in general. You inspire me so much. Thank you.

    More Defgrip/less TCU

  9. Dave says:

    Nice to see some charecters in the sport. he has a life off the saddle and doesn’t revolve his life around bikes. In fact it appears he revolves his life around vagina, which is cool

  10. Mike O. says:

    “Now, about gays having children through surrogates and other methods. This undermines a beautiful part of nature. That’s the unexplainable bond you feel with your partner and the coming together of your DNA. Now your child is half you, half some other person, you probably didn’t even love. It is not fair to that child to not have that genetic bond with both “parents” and honestly its just selfish on the part of the homosexuals to care more about their own “rights” to be parents than about the child they are bringing into world as a freak, who truly cannot say that they were the product of attraction and love and passion”

    Wow, you act like gays are the only people who have children through other methods. So are you saying that heterosexual couples that adopt children, who have surrogate’s, or have artificial insemination shouldn’t be allowed to have children either? Are the children they raise freaks? Are heterosexual couples who raise children by non-natural means as selfish as the homosexual parents you ridicule? Is the love and care of a homosexual parent less, or flawed, compared to a heterosexual parent? Do you have facts and non-biased studies to back this up?

    Everything in your argument is flawed. You state that homosexuals go against nature. What about straight couple’s who have sex yet don’t want to have children, are they against nature? What about married couples who never want to have children, isn’t that, by your definition, against nature? Human action every day goes against nature, and your singling out homosexuals is pathetic at best.

    What about gay marriage? Anti-gay marriage advocates state that gay marriage would bring down the sanctity of marriage. The divorce rate that approaches 60%, that is heterosexual marriage. Getting married for 24 hours in vegas, those are heterosexuals. Who is bringing down the sanctity of marriage?

    Everything you argue is mute. Every point you make can be applied to heterosexuals just as much as homosexuals. It’s pathetic.

  11. J says:

    “Is the love and care of a homosexual parent less, or flawed, compared to a heterosexual parent? Do you have facts and non-biased studies to back this up?”

    I obviously cannot speak for every homosexual seeking parenthood, but I think the action would be at least partly to prove a point, or “flex their rights”. And that is a deplorable motive for bringing a human being into the world. Now, there are plenty of heterosexuals that bring children into the world with terrible motives too (gov’t checks, relationship politics). I truly wish that behind every child was the coming together of two people that truly loved each other, and felt that this child could be a contribution to society. Unfortunately, that is not the current state. And you are absolutely right, contraception is very unnatural. I take it myself in pill form, and I certainly question it. It changes the motivation in a relationship and allows people to halfway commit to relationships. I will not argue with you that heterosexuals are greatly to blame in breakdown of the family unit. I will not argue from a religious or moral standpoint either. I don’t hold those views. My views are based in science and common sense and a love for humanity (including people who identify as gay).

  12. J says:

    Now, is the love “of a homosexual parent less, or flawed, compared to a heterosexual parent?”You need only common sense to answer this, no studies. You seem to want to hold a notarized government form in your hand before you will believe anything. Parenthood is about more than a feeling of love or good intentions. It is very much about setting good sustainable examples of a family. About passing down ideas that will survive into the future. I’m sure two gay men could be very loving to a child, but by most basic human terms, their parenting is flawed. They are not setting a sustainable example for the furthering of the humanity. They are perhaps teaching a lesson about tolerance of diversity, great, but that’s only a small part of what a family should do, and what a child needs. They will also be spreading their own confusion about sexuality to yet another generation.

  13. DBZ says:

    Coryy Nastazio appears to be nothing more than a typical boring jock.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Defgrip.

  14. Ty says:

    I was in a comp with Chris Duncan 10 yrs ago. Triple truck, so dialed.

  15. steev says:

    How does another person being gay affect you personally? What did they ever do to you? What gives you the right to deny them a lifestyle they desire?
    Why do you give so much of a shit to keep arguing about it in such an insignificant little forum as the comment section of this obscure bmx blog?
    Enlighten me please because it sounds like you’re only anti-gay because you’re PRO-opening up the gene pool. Which begs the question… are you jealous because gay dudes don’t want to fuck you?

  16. russ says:

    i used to like defgrip… fuck this shit… defgrip sounds like the nerds in highschool that sweat the dumb jocks…

    keep kissing ass dg… laugh at his shit and fuel this type of shit.

    fuel the hype and be able to sleep at night.

    i’m embarrassed to ride bmx. especially, if young kids look up to fuckers like cory.

  17. Joe says:

    All of you, there is no need to get all butt hurt what Corey thinks on homosexuals it’s just how some people are and thats a solid fact of life so just live with it, but lets keep one thing in mind here people this is all about BMX and Corey has done more then his fair share of contributing to it he’s a pioneer, innovator, and he will go down as a legend not that he already has but he has and still dose make his mark in this sport, plus we all need a little controversy in our lives and “Nasty” provides that, So Corey Cheers Mate! to sparking controversy in our community of BMX and keep killing it cause it’s all about Trails not Rails lol

  18. J says:

    It’s incredibly naive to think that a subculture gaining momentum and attempting to push legislation and their face in pop culture, will not effect me personally. Children? Grandchildren?

    This equality they talk about has little basis in reality.

    we are in a phase, women are equal, races are equal, sexual preferences are equal. Give me a fucking break. A society so crippled from rational thought by being PC.


    Women are equal to men at playing football?

    White-ass people are equal to african americans at not getting sunburned?

    Gay couples are equal to hetero couples at raising sustainable healthy families? on a grand scale?

    Can we move past this kindergarten concept of everyone is equal? The fact is people are DIFFERENT and these differences do effect their abilities to do different things.

    We need to combat hate, but we don’t have to do it at the expense of rational thought.

  19. Jerry From Poland says:

    I like it how people who defend the whole “tolerate everything, everyone is equal” teory can’t accept the fact that someone has different views on some matters, even when he’s not hurting anyone. Oh and remember that if a kid has two fathers than his peers will eat him alive.

  20. gerald mc says:

    Dude is a bad ass on his bike and has a good look on life, to many fucking pussies riding bmx these days. Have fun or fuck off

  21. Chriz says:

    Time to drop it.

  22. Mike Hines says:

    Yo! Nasty! Man, I was the dude in Tucson, AZ. that took you to that strip club. I thought you were too wasted to remember that. You wanted to go to the strip club but it was after hours and that was the only place that stays open all night. It’s now all nude now so no dudes can play you the fool. Man, I was smiling and laughing when I heard you talking about this. You guys were on Road Fools 11, Right? We rode that indoor park Celestial and then we met at the bar, it was me, you, Doyle, and Losey. Those dudes were gonna ditch my ass in the cab but you told them NO! wait for my boy man he needs a ride. Thanks again, it would have been a long walk. Good memories, and everyone thought that dude was a chick no lie but then the waitress told us and we got the fuck out of there. Was Litecky with us? or did he just ride that day? Damn, that was awhile ago.

  23. b00b says:


    these are great.

    I’d love to see an interview with: Darryl Nau, the Gonz, Ralph Sinisi, Ruben, or maybe Crandall.

  24. scamper says:


  25. nasty says:

    ok dude bitch asses if your really gonna be so into defending being gay then thats the fucking gayest thing ever and if i new this sport was gonna have fags that suck dick and be proud of it then i would have kicked you fucks out myself…..if you r proud to be gay then be in gay porn you fucks….sorry if you read the bible then you know what god will say when its your time to go to hell!!!..dont forget i was riding way before you fags came in to this sport…cause all the og’s that started this shit started it as men not girls with dicks…get the fuck out of bmx it is a fucking real mans sport..think you should think about what you say about me cause if your a tough fag you would call me out in person stop hiding behind this fucking computer…..i didnt mean too make people call me out like they did but if i got all you fags mad… o well i would b mad too if i was sucking dick….sorry but now you fags can come up with more shit that you think u know bout me.. you dont.. but fuck you..u dont know me, cuzz if you did then you’d know if anybody including gays or whatever, i would help you out anyways….got a big heart.. learn how to not care what people think……P.S ISSUEZINC.COM

  26. Hey you all gotta know this guy.
    He really does not hate gays….this is all a production. I know this guy and he loves gays as friends…no homo.
    Cory lives in a stand up comedy routine.

  27. I take back the last statement…Cory Just Told me that he really does hate faggots!

  28. bill says:

    why wasnt the come up bmx added to the list of gay people in bmx adam 22 is a homo

  29. ciw says:

    im actually gay and ive been a fan of cory’s for a long time, and it made me pretty fuck’n sad to see this interview. i always respected him as a bmx rider, i personally live my life on the edge, i got tats n shit, i get drunk and party with my friends and go do insane stuff. he was like my favorite rider cuz he was like the crazy rebel guy i could sort of relate to. i actually had respect for him and looked up to him. but i never thought of him being like this though. just disappointed. i have to respect his opinions because i dont hate, even when others hate, although having said that i am no longer a fan. obviously i cant be if he really feels like this. its kinda sad, but whatever dude. good luck with your life.

  30. this is too fuckin funny man! nastazio is bloody crazy. (laughs) there is nothing wrong with not liking gay people. some of them are just DRAMA queens and the only thing worse than an annoying bitch is a dude that acts like an annoying bitch. (laughs)

  31. note: i do know gay people though so dont say im a “hater”. ive even drank with a few gay dudes in my day. (laughs).

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