The Levi’s Video

We usually don’t do video reviews, but Will Stroud hooked us up with a preview of the Levi’s video the other day and I just wanted to let everyone know that Corey/Dak/Nathan’s part is probably one of the best video parts I have ever seen. Their part spans over two songs and I swear the last song is full of nothing but bangers. I was blown away by how much footage they had, or even all the riders for that matter, after all the web content they released over the past year.

I was really pumped to hear that Levi’s was doing a DVD and the result turned out great. Make sure to pick the video up when it comes out, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2009.

12 responses to “The Levi’s Video”

  1. trust says:

    So that’s the review?

  2. iPhone says:

    I’ve heard that the Levis DVD is going to be out with the DIG Mag.
    Kinda Bonus DVD ?
    Is that true ?!

  3. Will Stroud says:

    The Levi’s video will be a free DVD insert in Dig Mag issue 67 coming out in November. It will also be airing on Fuel TV starting November 17. I hope you guys enjoy it.

  4. Walter Braverman says:

    Put it on demonoid

  5. tim says:

    pretty frickin rad that they’re putting this video together and giving it away with an issue of dig i think

  6. Kurt says:

    Cannot wait to see it again! This issue of Dig needs to hit the U.S

  7. Joe J says:

    Dig has a U.S. edition; every issue hits the U.S.

  8. Dakins says:

    Final Cut Pro FTW!

  9. Walk says:

    Not only will the international audience have to wait ages for copies of Dig to ship in, they will also have to deal with very limited quantities coming into each country.
    No body wants to watch this in the confines of tiny ass box on
    Please make this downloadable in high res! A torrent would be dope, and would also negate any hosting costs.
    For the love of god it’s not just americans who buy Levi’s Jeans.

  10. Will Stroud says:

    Hey Walk,

    The Levi’s video will be available as a high res web download sometime later this year after Dig hits the news stands in the US in late November. Keep an eye out for a link – it will most likely post sometime in early December.


  11. Andrew says:

    how “high res” is “high res”?

  12. says:

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