In lieu of my Nike post (which is now lost forever in the digital abyss) a little while ago, the 20Negative crew decided to take it a step further and ask a few people their opinion on the topic as well.

In case you missed it, I basically brought up Nike and questioned why everyone hated on them being involved in BMX, and brought up some points. There were a lot of comments for and against Nike, and (at the very least) it was a good discussion.

Click HERE to see what Joe Rich, Myself, Tom from Empire, Sam Bryant, John Dye, Gaz Sanders and John Povah have to say.


  1. Drew K says:

    I feel that Povah brought up a very good point. But Id have to say that Nike is a greater evil than skate brands in BMX. All of the skaters I know or have ever talked to at parks or on the streets have been cool and we got along fine, I think its just the old school skaters that have beef with BMX and thatll blow over soon. All I know is that Ill proudly ride, chill, and work in my Loteks.

  2. steev says:

    I think John Povah’s on the right track on this one. He sounds like the most informed and experienced on this topic, being part of Etnies and “inside the machine” so to speak. I’m glad his opinion was tapped for this article.

    Like Povah says, I don’t think Nike is the enemy folks. The problem lies with the BMX and skate culture dynamic. Nike legitimizes our sport outside of BMX, while skate companies refuse to recognize our community despite having so much in common.

    Bottom line for me is: support rider owned, appreciate that Nike recognizes us, and stop supporting skate brands that aren’t fully committed to BMX.

  3. really says:

    How does Nike recognize BMX when they don’t even make a BMX specific shoe and throw BMX in with a bunch of other sports like Wakeboarding?

  4. Very interesting reading about the different thoughts and opinions about Nike and it’s place in BMX. It’s funny to me that some people have such big issues with lNIKE working the BMX angle….. this is soooo trivial to me. I do not disagree about the right for each individual to share their thoughts, opinions and opinions though.

    Re: steevon 15 Oct 2008 at 12:00 am

    My Skater friends only beef with bike riders is property damage caused by peg grinds, chains/sprocket/pedal grinds and tire marks at their local street spots and the property owners driving both skaters and bikes away from spots they have ridden since the mid 1970’s. Until more bike riders get serious about addressing the property damage issue, I don’t think the skaters are gonna cozy up to the bike riders anytime soon! I’m just sayin….


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