Eric Holley has been super motivated to get things done this summer, especially with the colder Minneapolis weather just around the corner.

Last weekend we got a crew together and decided to check out a small cement park that was just outside the city. It turns out that there is this abandoned school right next to the park that ended up being more fun than the park itself. It had a cool little asphalt bank, a grass hip, and the perfect setup for a railhop that everyone was into. We were able to shoot a couple quick photos and film a little too. The only negative was that a crew of 8 year olds that was hanging around kept telling us that they ‘would cut us’ if we didn’t watch out. Pretty annoying, but really funny to see them get crazy when Eric floated a toboggan over the rail.

– Ben Austin



Phlandus Alexander – Barspin

Quinten Carston – 180