I came across this mixtape the other day and I’ve been diggin it. It’s a DJ AM mix with Travis Barker playing drums… They’ve been doing a bunch of stuff lately and were the house band at the MTV Awards. There are some awsome mixes in there and it’s pretty cool to hear Travis play drums over the tracks.

**UPDATE – Travis and DJ AM just survived a plane crash where four of the six people on the plane died. This is very tragic. If you haven’t read about the crash you can see the story here.

Check out their site here and listen to the album after the jump –

  • Andrew

    travis and DJ AM were cricitcally injured in a plane crash last night…hope they pull through.

  • j

    their all burnded up now :(

  • Harrison

    it’s so nuts that they are the only people out of the six on the plane that survived!! I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I really hope they recover and continue doing their thing!