Font or Typeface

I’ve had this conversation many times with my friends and for everyone that is into design and type, this is a great blog entry to check out. It talks about the use of the word typeface vs. the word font and definitely puts a good explanation out there.

“When you talk about how much you like a tune, you don’t say: “That’s a great MP3”; you say: “That’s a great song”. An MP3 is the delivery mechanism, not the creative work, just as a font is the delivery mechanism, and a typeface is the creative work.”

Check out the post on the Font Shop Blog.

  • Abattoir


    this is why i love this site.

    where else can i get BMX news, and a typography blogs on the same page.

  • is good to see metal type on here!!

  • Micah

    I’m glad someone finally put this in plain English, I’ve been screwing that up for years.