Air Sharing

I just downloaded the most useful app for my iPhone I’ve messed with so far. It’s called Air Sharing and it enables your phone to be used a hard drive by connecting to devices wirelessly. I downloaded it, set it up, and transferred files super quick. Once you have it all setup, if you are on Leopard, it just shows up in your “shared” section of a finder window, like any other computer on your network would. It also works with Windows and has a bunch of great reviews. The app is regularly $6.99, but for the first two weeks, which is untill September 22nd, they are offering it for free. I definitely recommend you download this now… Oh, I also just downloaded a Net News Wire app for all my rss feeds… I’m so screwed now, I’ll never talk to people ever again… And one more Apple thing, what does everyone think of the new browsing layout in iTunes 8?

Check out Air Sharing here or click here to go straight to the app in the iTunes store.

14 responses to “Air Sharing”

  1. damon says:

    That app sounds so useful. I am wanting an iPhone more and more as time goes on.
    As for the new browsing option in iTunes, i was reluctant at first to use it, but the last few days of use and it has begun to grow on me. I’m actually sort of liking it. Still, I don’t think much can beat the original, no frills list type view.

  2. will says:

    New itunes is a bit funky for me, which means I’ll prob like it in a bit. And that genius thing makes me feel like I’m being ‘sold’ to. Constantly.

  3. alex says:

    the new itunes 8 layout is too damn distracting for me. im trying to find the band i want, but i get caught up with the fact so many of the bands dont have album artwork that there are a bunch of blanks so im looking at who they all are. i guess im just retarded… that iphone app sounds wild though. i need to get that. what are your thoughts on the new iphone? i have the first model and i dont see much reason to upgrade to the new one other than if mine breaks. he features on the new one are sweet but not enough for me to just drop a phone. i seem to be the only one that thinks this. i like buying new shit cause its new, but the iphone didnt really do much for me 2nd time around. the gps isnt what i heard originally. i heard it was going to be turn by turn, but from what i read its not. plus all the new apps stuff works on the old model. i like that its network is faster, but i use wireless when at work and thats the only time i use my phone for internet and it does fine to pick up directions in maps. what are some thoughts anyone else has if youre into apple shit.

  4. Matt says:

    iTunes 8 is decent. My main problem is i’m missing so much of the album artwork.

  5. Phil says:

    Downloaded that amp the otherday, blew my mind.

  6. cameronasa says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    Thank you. Just downloaded it and it’s SO easy and amazing. About iTunes, I love the new look. I’m anal about artwork so I don’t have any blanks so I love the way it looks. Thanks again, man. Best app yet.

  7. Jimmy says:

    I downloaded the AirSharing thing a couple of days ago but have yet to set it up. I got distracted.
    For all of you that are missing artwork for iTunes I can highly recommend the application CoverScout (for OSX). I’m running it right now and it’s very useful.

  8. Seriously not pumped on having to get iTunes 8.0 before I could update to iPhone 2.1
    Haven’t really had the chance to play with it but it looks super annoying.

    iTunes has a built in cover-art-getter too that works pretty well for me. Better than any of the other plug-ins I tried like Coverscout, but that was over a year ago so maybe there’s been some improvement.

    Currently also stoked on Wikipanion.

  9. Harrison says:

    I’m still undecided on the thumbnail browsing thing… I’ve messed with it a bit, but I’ve been using their standard view more. I am pretty good with all my album artwork, but I still have random remixes or single tracks from artists that don’t have artwork to go with them. And lately, I find myself deleting songs that don’t belong to albums just because they look weird in iTunes sitting alone… It kind of sucks, because some of my favorite songs over the past few years have been random remixes and I feel like now I won’t really give single songs a chance like I used to.

    And Alex, not sure if you can still do this, but Andrew McMullen bought a G3 iPhone for $199 from AT&T, then put his old phone on eBay and sold it for $500… I have no idea why they are gong for so much, but that seems to be the standard… so if you can make money and get a new phone, might as well give it a shot.

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